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Reading Roundup 2013: week 1

Posted on: January 4, 2013

cover image for TenTen by Lauren Myracle

A bit of a disappointment, sadly.  I’ve enjoyed the other books by Myracle that I have read, but this one never clicked.   It felt very aimless and disjointed, which wasn’t helped by the conceit of: one chapter = one month.  Most of all, Winnie ever really seems to grow; there is a lot of judging people without context and not much of Winnie learning from her own mistakes.

I don’t expect kids’ books to always be about the morals, but 8-12 is exactly the age at which they become capable of learning that other people have different points of view and about how there isn’t always just one right answer.  You’d think a book that’s really just all about family and friendships would cover this in some meaningful way. Instead there was a lot of Winnie being told she is unique.  The overall impression being that Winnie can be however she wants to be, and tolerating less cool or less fortunate people is good  for her, but somehow this does not translate into her actually learning to walk in other people’s shoes.

cover image for Color of MagicThe Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett

I suspect that I am not the right sort of person to appreciate Pratchett’s humor.  You may commence throwing rotten vegetables at me.

I didn’t hate it, but the naked women were too many (even knowing they were there as a parody of the kind of fantasy that features naked women) and the humor not quite enough to make me really like it.

I shall give Pratchett another chance…eventually.  Mostly because the luggage won me over.  But that was about all.  (Also, because friends have told me to start with other books in the series.)

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