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Reading Round-up 2013: week 29

Posted on: November 29, 2013

cover image for King's ShieldKing’s Shield by Sherwood Smith

After years of exile, Inda has returned home to Iasca Leror.  His fears of being treated as a traitor are unfounded and Evred, his childhood friend and now king, not only welcomes him with open arms but also with a request that Inda serve him as King’s Shield – the king’s war leader.  Inda, still adjusting to being home, as well the tragic news of his brother’s death, is torn between wanting to serve his king and country, fear that he won’t measure up to expectations, and wanting to spend time with the family he hasn’t seen in years.

There’s always so much going on these books that I’m never quite sure where to begin.  King’s Shield felt a bit slower than the previous two books, I think because so much of the time was spent waiting for the war to begin, and having Inda find out things we already knew.  That said, I loved seeing how both Inda andTau adjusted to life in Iasca Leror and the scenes with the children hiding in the mountains from the Venn were incredibly well done.


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