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Reading Round-up 2013: week 44 – board books

Posted on: January 22, 2014

cover image for Up CloseUp Close by Gay Wegerif

Brightly colored shapes make faces that (with a turn of the page) belong to one animal or another.  It’s a cute book,  but I’m not sure how well it works for toddlers.  My guess is that older babies/younger toddlers may have a hard time recognizing the shapes as faces, and that even those old enough to play along with the guessing game the book sets up (“I see your round snout. You are are…”) will not have enough clues to make the connections that are needed.  I’d need to read it to some kids to be sure though.

That said, it is very cute (did I mention that already?) and clever and I’m definitely interested in the author’s other books.

cover image for Colors inside pages of Colors

Colors by Xavier Deneux

There is no shortage of concept board books out there, but Deneux’s manages to memorable despite the odds. Bright,bold colors and shapes are balanced by cute characters and smooth edges and textures. Each double page spread also features a raised image on one side and a corresponding hollow in the other, giving this book added interest for little fingers.  Even better, Deneux manages to add in a few surprises that expand on the pattern he’s created rather than breaking it, thus keeping the topic fresh while still being consistent enough for the book’s target audience.

cover image for Baby Giggles cover image for Hello Winter

Baby Giggles by Rachael Hale

Quick, snappy rhymes and adorable babies doing baby things – and demonstrating a nice range of emotions.  I can see why the author/photographer has gotten the recognition she has, I just wish the the babies themselves were as diverse as their expressions.  I don’t know if Hale’s other board books are any better, but fifteen out of the sixteen photographs in this one were of white babies (as far as I could tell).

Hello Winter by Sanrio Company

This is pretty much exactly what you would expect it to be: Hello Kitty doing wintery things and saying “hello” to things like snow and ice skating.  It’s really meant to appeal to adult fans of Hello Kitty, but it works well enough for toddlers.

cover image for Mommy! Mommy!Mommy! Mommy! by Taro Gomi

Two little chicks search for their mother. Mommy! Mommy! Is she behind the bush? Beside the fence?  There she is.

Simple, yet full of personality, Taro Gomi’s books are always a delight.

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