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Reading Round-up 2015: January Adult Novels

Posted on: March 7, 2015

cover image for The Nine TailorsThe Nine Tailors by Dorothy Sayers

When bad weather causes Lord Peter Whimsey’s car to miss a bridge and drive off the road instead, it leads to a chance encounter with a rector named Mr. Venables,  Which later leads to Mr. Venables writing to Lord Peter for help when the wrong corpse is found in a local grave.

Oh, and there’s lots of stuff about church bells.

The Nine Tailors is very much “of it’s time” – this isn’t a style of writing that you’d find in any modern novel (that I can think of).  It may be harder for some readers to get through, but I rather liked it.  I especially loved how multi-dimensional and opinionated all the women were – something that is lacking in far too many novels, recent or otherwise, especially ones with male protagonists.

There are a few times where modern readers may want to shout at the characters “haven’t you ever seen a TV mystery before?” …and then quickly remember that of course they haven’t, and neither had Sayer’s contemporary audience.  But the book still managed to keep me guessing and turning the pages, despite that.

I’m also enough of a nerd that I loved the mystery surrounding the coded letters and also the math of how the bells were rung (even if it took me most of the book to realize how it worked).

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