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It’s been a while, yes?

In the past 6 months, I’ve managed to graduate with my Masters (in Library Science), get a new job, and move 600+ miles.

Which means I’ve been rather busy.

My desktop computer also decided to fail on me during this time, and so I still don’t have access to a great many of the mini-reviews that I’ve already written for books that I read in 2014.  Which in turn means that I’m not sure when I’ll get the rest of the reading round-ups from 2014 posted. But I do hope to do so eventually.

In the meantime, I’m moving forward, getting a new start for the new year, and switching things up a bit.

To make things easier for me, and more logical for the few of you still following me, I’m going to post monthly – rather than weekly – reading round-ups, divided up by book type.  I’ll still post every week or so, the posts will just look a little bit different. The first one (board books I read in January) is down below.

We all like booklists, yes?  Since I’m clearly not posting enough here – and so much of what I do (story times, displays, reader’s advisory) is actually geared towards collecting groupings of books rather than detailed reviews – I’m going to start sharing booklists here too.  Possibly I may even share some tie-in activities and crafts!

If you have any suggestions or requests, let me know.  🙂